The Danish-Chinese Center for Applications of Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography carries out research into error-correcting codes and cryptography.

When you send a message to a friend over the Internet or a mobile phone, you want to be sure that it arrives correctly, unchanged and that no third party can understand it. This is not as easy as it may sound as digital communication errors are unavoidable and the surveillance possibilities numerous. But it is actually possible if you use advanced mathematics.

Error-correcting codes and cryptography

More precisely, error-correcting codes are used to ensure that the errors may be corrected before the recipient sees them. Cryptography guarantees secrecy and authenticity. The classical mathematical discipline algebraic geometry has turned out to be applicable for the construction of error-correcting codes and cryptographic systems.

The Chinese group has mainly worked on the cryptographic aspects while the Danish group has primarily concentrated on error-correcting codes. Consequently, the two groups complement each other very well.

Further development of the research

The participants in the new Danish-Chinese research centre have contributed significantly to this development. The centre aims at further developing the research into error-correcting codes and cryptography.

Extremely fast communication systems 

Even though our primary aim is to carry out fundamental research, we expect that the results of the research will contribute substantially to the development of extremely fast communication systems.

3 nye dansk-kinesiske forskningscentre inden for informations- og kommunikationsteknologi (In Danish)
(Three new Danish-Chinese research centres within information and communication technology)